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I have been privileged and fortunate to work in many different areas of the law, and to work alongside—or opposite—some of the nation’s top lawyers.  The same fortune has taken me to courts in some 20 states, from state small claims courts to the United States Supreme Court.  I also have been lucky to have a diverse law practice, representing individuals and corporations, as both a plaintiff and defense lawyer (but not at the same time).  I have represented individual workers, groups and associations, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and the United States Government.

The purpose of the Fay Law Group is to continue the tradition of serving many different types of clients, and serving them well.  Through our energetic team approach, we are able to handle litigation and counseling matters large and small, locally and nationally.

I take pride in expanding access to legal assistance for those whose legal issues are larger than their pocketbooks.  Creative solutions to provide affordable legal representation don’t always work, but we pledge to try.  In addition to being a practicing lawyer, I am also an arbitrator.  Those who have appeared before me in arbitration, like my clients in private law practice, are given the most just, speedy, courteous, and efficient legal service possible.

We look forward to serving you!

Ray Fay